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    At Callisto we specialise in office partitions of all specifications. Our partitions are backed by our installation guarantee, and installed by our highly skilled team of professionals. Some of the most common office partition scenarios include the following.

    • Basic Solid Office Partitions
    • Part Glazed Office Partitions
    • Framed Glass Office Partitions
    • Frameless Glass Office Partitions

    Basic solid and part glazed office partitions offer an economical solution for all types of office spaces. Framed glass partitions maximize light while still providing workspace separation, and modern and minimalist frameless glass partitions add a definitive touch of class to any office environment.


    There are many benefits to the introduction of office partitioning. With the newest innovations in our technological age companies have to find creative methods to style their offices. Of course the primary concept is always going to be to improve productivity as well as make sure that the workplace runs effectively. It is also needful that organization be done as economically as is feasible. Workplace Partitions are the greatest option for organizing function space whilst preserving versatility and flexibility. They can be utilized to maximize the space so that productivity is at a maximum. Sections can be purchased in various sizes and shapes so that the greatest flexibility can be achieved and any sized area can be accommodated. These moveable walls are constructed of glass which is held together by a metal frame. Glass is easy to clean and a lot simpler to preserve than a regular type of wall. The transparency adds a modern touch to any company region and compliments any expert decor. They provide a certain amount of worker privacy and yet make for a much safer work atmosphere. Office partitions are easily installed and can be arranged to meet any spacial needs. Because they come in pieces they are easily organized into any shape or fashion that is required for the business.


    Glass office partitions help a work area maintain a particular level of natural light. With the use of glass every worker has the same access to lighting which indicates that there is no need for additional electrical wiring to provide light in the various locations. All of the workers have the main lighting features in common and there are no walls to produce darkened locations. These cubicles, or work locations are see via which means that they can be fairly small in region but not make the space really feel so cramped. And because they are produced of glass and metal they are much safer than walls because they are fireproof. It is best to have these sectionals installed by a expert so that they are placed and secured properly. This will make sure that the office partitioning are also in compliance with the numerous safety and well being regulations.

    Callisto are proficient installers of all toilet cubicle and washroom systems. Whether you are looking for toilet cubicle installation, shower and changing cubicles, duct panels, vanity units, lockers, benches or washroom accessories, Callisto are the commercial construction professionals to use. Our dedicated team of installation specialists know the in's and out's of a multitude of systems and backed by our installation guarantee, promise to make your project and fast and successful one.


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    At Callisto, another of our staple installations is that of suspended ceilings. Suspended ceilings are often regarded as the easiest and most cost effective method of improving the performance and the aesthetic appearance of an existing ceiling or soffit.


    Suspended ceilings supplied and installed by Callisto can assist in the following:

    • Improve acoustics
    • Reduce noise
    • Resist moisture
    • Aid hygiene
    • Improve insulation and lower your heating costs.
    • And as all our suspended ceiling tiles meet and and/or exceed fire safety regulations they can keep you safe too.

    There’s no end to the places you can use suspended ceilings. Callisto have installed suspended ceilings in offices, hotels, factories, schools, hospitals, warehouses and more right across the country. Easy to install and easy to maintain, suspended ceilings are an integral part of commercial fit outs.


    About Suspended Ceilings

    Hung below the main structural ceiling, a suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling that is used in most industrial and commercial buildings such as offices, schools and hospitals. The main use of this type of ceiling is to hide piping, wiring and ductwork. Each suspended ceiling uses a grid of wire suspended metal channels that snap together to create a lattice pattern of cells which fit the ceiling tiles.  Suspended ceilings can also help with reducing sound and with minimising thermal loss from your office space.


    Ceiling Tiles / Ceiling Panels

    Suspended ceiling tiles, also referred to as suspended ceiling panels, are lightweight square tiles that are dropped into the lattice grid of a ceiling system. They come in 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm in dimension and can come in a variety of materials including non-burning mineral fibres.


    Ceiling Lighting

    Suspended ceiling lighting are light fittings that sit recessed in place of a ceiling tile to light large areas or rooms. These will then usually be paired with a diffuser like a prismatic design perspex diffuser.